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It has always been said that artificial intelligence is supposed to make human life easier and better. One of the fields in which artificial intelligence can be very effective and improve the quality of human life is treatment, health and medical services. In general, the use of artificial intelligence in therapeutic and medical processes makes a great help to doctors and patients, as well as to hospitals that use this technology.

The World Health Organization (WHO) says millions of people around the world are injured each year because of poor medical treatment. Five people die every minute from misdiagnosis, according to WHO President Geneva Adrianum Cyrus. For this reason, one of the most important tasks of artificial intelligence in the field of treatment and medicine can be to reduce medical errors and help correctly diagnose diseases.

Lack of accurate and complete information about people's medical records is one of the important reasons that can lead to costly and deadly medical errors. Based on all this information, artificial intelligence can predict or diagnose a disease very quickly. In one study, for example, an artificial intelligence model using algorithms and deep learning was able to perform better in diagnosing breast cancer than 11 other pathologists.



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