Some key aspects of artificial intelligence

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-Artificial intelligence is termed as a capability of machines that exhibits a form of its own intelligence. The aim here was to develop machines that can learn through data so that they can solve the problems.

-Machine learning is part of AI, which depends on algorithms to predict outcomes based on a dataset. The purpose of machine learning is to facilitate machines to learn from data so they can resolve issues without human input.

-Neural networks are a set of algorithms that compute signals via artificial neurons. The purpose of neural networks is to create neural networks that function like the human brain.

-Deep learning is a component of machine learning that utilizes the network with different computational layers in a deep neural network to analyze the input data. The purpose of deep learning is to construct a neural network that automatically identifies patterns to improve feature detection.Deep learning is also known as convolutional neural networks. They collect features from the abstracted layer of filters and are primarily used to process large and complex images.

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